Why We Chose A Martha Heart

Hello, friends! Here’s a little bit about our vision for Martha’s heart and home. There is so much we’d like to say…how DO you eat an elephant? Oh yes, one bite at a time!

Let’s start at the beginning…there once was a woman named Martha. One day her family friend, Jesus, stopped by. And Martha was busy with all the preparations that had to be done. What was her sister, Mary, doing? Nothing, it seemed. She was listening intently to their friend. So Martha told him to tell Mary to help her. Jesus’ reply? “Mary has chosen what is better…”

Fast forward a little bit…Martha’s brother Lazarus had died. Jesus was on his way a few days late it seemed, and Martha ran out to meet Him. Mary, her sister? She stayed behind–she couldn’t bring herself to face Jesus in her disappointment. The one she loved and trusted had let her down (See? She too is not perfect. Both sisters had much to learn). When Martha met Jesus she declared, “If you had been here, Lazarus wouldn’t have died. Even now I know God will do what you ask.” At this point Jesus reveals a part of His character to Martha–I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies. Do you believe this? And Martha says to Him, “I know you are the Christ, the Son of God who was to come into the world.”

Now how did Martha go from the first story to the second? I can tell you for certain, she had learned the importance of sitting at Jesus’ feet. She had listened and learned from Jesus and her sister, Mary. Yet, in every way she was still Martha–planning, organizing, saving, serving and doing. So how does someone like Martha find the balance? First she remembers that life happens at His feet–in the still place, where she learns to stay in the yoke with Jesus–he is at the lead. Second, Martha remembers to keep the pre- in her preparations. For she knows these have to be done, as well.

A while back…I was thinking of Robert B. Munger’s book, My Heart, Christ’s Home. I began to think of how Jesus wants to come and do the same thing in our lives. It begins one room at a time. Every room of your heart–every hidden thing, every aspect that “is just the way it is”–He wants to show us all a better way. He brings His light and shows us how. We need only get still enough to listen…and bold enough to obey what he says.

Then I began to consider Emilie Barnes’ book, “More Hours in My Day,” impacted my life as a young woman, who was married at age 20. Being a time-management girl, but not having a clue how to be a godly woman or how to run a home, I found Emilie’s ideas to be life- changing. We can run a home, with the pre- in our preparation, saving money and time and MAKING ROOM for time with Jesus, time with friends and time with complete strangers.

The fact is we always do what we want to do. Sometimes we just don’t want what we ought. Every woman at every age and every stage of life struggles with balancing our “to do” list with our times-of-refreshment–and we do not always choose well. We do get caught up. We do lose sight of Jesus. And we forget His words for us to COME, FIND, and REST.

In a nutshell, this A Martha Heart is all about finding that balance. Not in a perfect way will we find it. Sometimes we will completely fail at it. Sometimes we will be like Martha and Mary–getting it and knowing Him. Sometimes….well most of the time, really…we will discover that it is a daily choice. Our heart as a team is to open up the rooms here and encourage you personally and one another, as well, to learn the “unforced rhythms of grace” that Jesus offers. All the while, we hope to give you good ideas and faith-filled ideas that we are asking God to infuse with His power, so that it all amounts to something.

And in His Hands, friends? It always amounts to something.


Trish and Holly

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