Get a Free Woodcraft from Lowe’s!

wood floor4

Have you ever done any of those “Build and Grow” sets from Lowe’s? My kids LOVE them, but we are actually too old to attend the clinics. However, we have a solution that we discovered that still allows us to build them and have fun doing so.

If you are pressed for time and can not go to one of their clinics that they offer, all you have to do is call about an hour after the clinic is over and ask them if they have any sets left. If they do they will give them to you for free! So we got a really cool wood project to complete that did not cost us a dime!

This is their normal procedure. We even did it for our homeschool group one year and the kids really enjoyed it!

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The 21 Day Husband Project (Day 5)

College student texting

Ok ladies…this is the last day of our mini “Husband Project”.  I hope you have had a little fun with the projects, and that you may have been challenged to love your husband in a variety of different ways. I know I have.

Remember you can keep it going by purchasing Kathi Lipp’s book The 21 Day Husband Project.  Let me know if you do!

Now onto Day 5.

Project #5: ~ Text or E-mail Some Sweet Nothings

“I turn on my computer. I wait patiently as it connects. I go online. My breath
catches in my chest until I hear three little words, “You’ve got Mail.” I hear
nothing, not a sound on the streets of New York. Just the beat of my own heart…
I have mail, from you.”
~ Meg Ryan as Kathleen Kennedy in “You’ve Got Mail”

Your Project
Send a flirty text or e-mail to your husband.

Getting Creative

  • Use an e-card service ( or to send a cute and flirty note.
  • Don’t know how to text? Ask any teenager in the general vicinity.
  • Most phones have a camera feature where you can send a photo message. Be sure to keep it G rated so that he doesn’t get in trouble at work.

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The 21 Day Husband Project (Day 4)


Project #4: Heart vs. Stomach ~A Treat Just for Him

“You can tell a lot about a fellow’s character by his way of eating jellybeans.”
~ Ronald Reagan

Your Project

Get a food treat for your husband that he’s not required to share with you or any other family member.

Getting Creative

Stumped for ideas? Here are some thoughts:

  • Get his favorite pint of Ben & Jerry’s and hide it behind the frozen chicken. Even if you buy it on Tuesday, you’ll have it ready and waiting for his special night later in the week.
  • Is there a certain cut of meat that your husband loves? How about having the butcher cut something just for him?  Most supermarkets will even do the marinade for you – one less thing to think about.
  • Is there a certain candy that your husband loves from his childhood? Check out They have all the nostalgic candy you could want (Black Jack Gum, anyone?) while also carrying any modern favorite you could be looking for.
  • My husband’s family loves something called “noodles and mashed potatoes” (we lovingly refer to it as “The Starch Fest”). I learned how to make this special dish just for him.
  • My guy loves the smell of baking almost as much as he enjoys eating the treat. Have some brownies in the oven when he gets home from work or working out (I know, it negates the workout, but isn’t chocolate always worth it?).
  • Our friend Scott mentioned that he loves cranberry sauce, but eats it only at Thanksgiving. His wife intentionally made the holiday treat for him this past July.
  • Are you a wife who is an expert at low-cal salads and other forms of chick-food? Check out The Ultimate Guide to Man Food at for ideas.

Keep going, we have one more day left of our mini “21 Day Husband Project” .  You can do it!!!

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The 21 Day Husband Project (Day 3)

Man Hugging Woman at Bar

Project #3: You da’ Man ~ Spreading Great Gossip About Your Guy

Your Project
Say something nice about your husband to someone else. Make sure you tell him what you said, and to whom.

Getting Creative
Who are the important people in your husband’s life? Your kids, his parents, his friends? Be intentional about who you chat with when you brag on him – it’s almost as important as actually doing it.

Having a hard time coming up with something? I still brag on my guy for things he did years
ago. He loves when I tell the story of how brilliantly he proposed (there were waterfalls and stuffed portabella mushrooms involved…).

Here are some other areas to think about when crafting your brag:

  • His parenting skills
  • His patience level
  • The way he treats your mom
  • His culinary ability
  • His job

This is me speaking again… it would also be great if you can say it in front of him to another
person.  In my book (I don’t have a real book :) that earns double points.   Don’t forget to check in here at the AMH website and let us know how you are doing.

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The 21 Day Husband Project (Day 2)

Businessmen playing table football

Project #2 ~ Back in the Day

Do Something He Enjoyed Before You Got Married

“Lust is easy. Love is hard. Like is most important.”

~ Carl Reiner

Your Project
Initiate an activity that your husband used to love. Whether it’s his favorite hobby, sport, or pastime, it’s time for you to get involved – be his buddy today.

Getting Creative
Many a man’s hobby has gone by the wayside due to matrimony. Is it possible that it’s time you learned to golf or fly fish? Don’t try to beat him, just join him.

Possibly the only thing your husband would enjoy more than playing chess with you is teaching you how to play chess. Ask for a lesson so he can teach you something that he is an expert at (or really loves). Just your willingness to learn will be a huge boost to your guy.

Pick up a magazine about your guy’s now dormant hobby. Ask him questions about why he loves it so much. Learn a couple of technical terms so that you are better able to discuss it.

Do a little research. Find out what the definitive website is on your husband’s favorite subject. Maybe there’s an event in town, a lecture to attend, or a game to watch.

OK Ladies…make sure to check in by leaving a comment and letting us know how things are going with your trial run of the “project”.

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The 21 Day Husband Project (A 5 Day Trial Run)


Hello A Martha Heart Friends,

A few weeks ago I was listening to the Focus on the Family talk radio program, and I heard author Kathi Lipp talking about one of her books, The 21 Day Husband Project. I know the title of the book seems kind of strange, but as I listened to the program I was so intrigued.  Kathi talked about how we honor God when we serve our husbands, and I agree as the Lord has been teaching me that lesson over the last decade.

Later that night, I went online to look up information about Kathi’s book. Basically, the book is a 21 day Challenge/Project for a wife to love her husband through acts of service, affirmation and other ways.  I quickly decided that I wanted to buy the book because my husband has really been going through a difficult season, and I knew that he could use the encouragement and affirmation.

While online I visited Kathi’s blog and found a mini 5 Day Husband Project that anyone could post on her blog/website.  So before I bought the book, I decided to try the 5 Day project on my blog and with my Facebook friends.  So far, the project has been well received and it has been great to hear about wives finding ways to love their husbands through Kathi’s “projects”.

I asked the editors of the A Martha Heart website if I could post the 5 Day project here as well.  They agreed quickly and I am so happy to let you get a little glimpse of what the “21 Day Husband Project” is all about.  If you complete the 5 days and you want to keep going,  you can purchase Kathi’s book The 21 Day Husband Project (visit ) and complete the entire project.

The project is meant to be completed consecutively for 21 days, but for our trial run here I will post a new “project” every 3 days or so. That way you will have a little time to complete the project and then come back here to the AMH website and let us know how it went. I will also keep you updated on how things are going with my husband :)

So are you ready?  Below is Day 1′s project…

30 Minutes is All it Takes

Create Some Free Time When He Gets Home

“There’s never enough time to do all the nothing you want.”

~Bill Watterson, Calvin and Hobbes

Your Project
Focus on your husband’s transitional 30 minutes today. Would he like to be left alone to rest and rejuvenate, or does he want some undivided attention from you? The point is to let your husband know you value what he does out in the world, and that he has a safe loving place to come home and get refreshed at the end of the day.

Getting Creative
There are plenty of reasons why it might not be easy for you to give your husband some transition time at the end of the day. You need to look at what can work for your relationship. Be creative, like the stories listed below. Brainstorm with your friends until you find a situation that will work for you and your guy.

  • My friend, Joann, purposely scheduled her daughter’s dance classes twice a week at the same hour that her husband gets home from work. That way, her hubby comes home to an empty house. He gets some quiet, and she gets a more peaceful man.
  • One husband has his workshop out in the garage. His wife encourages him to go and hang out there for a while before dinner. (Since starting this arrangement, her husband has started helping out with the after-dinner clean up. Nice side benefit.)

Crockpots are The Husband Project’s best friend. Set your crockpot to be finished thirty minutes after your husband gets home from work. Let him know that you don’t need anything until dinner is ready. Don’t know a crockpot from a flower pot? Check out the recipes in The Ultimate Guide to Man Food at

Does your husband already have a great transition routine after getting home? Find some other little thing to bless that time. Maybe it’s making sure the TV is available, his favorite sweats are clean and ready to be changed into, or there’s a cold soda waiting for him in the fridge. It may be so small that he doesn’t even notice. That’s okay – you’ll know what you did.

What if your husband works from home? Maybe the best way to help him relax is to ask what he would like the schedule to be. Does he want dinner before or after he gets some time to recharge? Ask him what would make his night better.

“Lust is easy. Love is hard. Like is most important.” ~ Carl Reiner

OK, you have Day 1′s project to complete.  Make sure to come back here to the AMH site and let us know how everything turned out.  I can’t wait to hear your stories.

Oh,  and by the way, don’t tell your husband you are completing a “project” on him.   Just let him be the recipient of all your loving kindness and encouragement :)

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Using What You Have to Make Something New

porch enclosed

When my daughter was nine, we made a craft together at our first ever homeschool group meeting. We turned an old pair of blue jeans into a purse! She still has that today and uses it regularly as a backpack of sorts to carry all her drawing materials with her wherever she goes.

The process is really simple! If you have an old pair of jeans laying around, a sewing machine, and some ribbon and appliques, you can make one too!

Materials Needed
  • Pair of jeans
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread
  • Ribbon for waist
  • Appliques
  • Zip the jeans and turn them inside out. With a pair of fabric scissors (a parent’s job), cut off both jean legs 3 inches from the crotch. Set aside. Next, fold the cutoff jeans, matching up the side seams as you would to press front and back leg pleats.
  • Using a sewing machine (or a close, even hand stitch), sew closed each leg opening 1 inch from the cut edge. Trim the denim 1/2 inch from the stitching.
  • Turn the jeans right-side out. For a handle, use what is leftover from the legs, cut off the seam and sew them up to make handles. Attach to the bag to using your sewing machine.
  • If you need a visual, check out this video I found on the Family Fun website!

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