May 9, 2012

the kite

The Kite

My 10 year old daughter, Sarah, recently brought this creative writing assignment home from school:

“I am a kite.  The kite dances, flutters, dips and crashes.  I now know what it is like for God to keep me on track.  God is me when I fly a kite and I am the kite.  In my relationship with Him, I am flying all over.  When I crash He pushes me back up.  He fixes me when I need it.  I slack and pull.  He pulls me down and pushes me back up.  I am the kite and He holds the spool.”

Some neat insight, there, right?

Well, since that time we took a trip to the beach where we did a lot of things, including guess what… flying kites.

I got to thinking as I stood there and held that spool:

What if I stopped pulling against the Lord the way this kite is pulling against me holding this spool?

What if I stopped allowing the wind of the world blowing around me to pull me away from the Lord I love?

What if I responded to the Lord’s directions and pulls the way this kite is responding to me

What if…

I can’t even imagine what would happen if those things were true of me.  If I could truly trust the Lord and his full control over my life.  I can’t image the blessings that would come.  But I want it.

What about you?

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