Listening In

There is hustle and bustle, hurry and scurry, spending and upending, anxiety, worry and uncertainty…as we turn the calendar page.

December 1December 1st coming so soon after Thanksgiving makes for a shorter time of preparations for Christmas, especially if you are like most of us–Living life reactively.

We take pride in it actually…Living life off the cuff.  And sometimes, it turns out pretty good. Sometimes not.  Sometimes, it is AMAZING! So we keep on living life at the speed of sound and reacting to the next thing.

In fact, I believe some of us are fueled by the energy that comes with having to react ALL OF A SUDDEN in adrenaline-land. No wonder we are all needing to find a way to de-stress–reading books about it, taking blood pressure meds and exercising for those good endorphins.

We think we should run like the computer I am using right now…clear the cache, watch for viruses, multi-tasking and responsive windows ALL shouting at us for the next thing that needs to be done–and that at a super computer pace. We think we have some kind of upgrade that has remade us into a body needing little rest.  So we go without stopping…  Until we have to stop when everything around us starts to fall apart.

I read a post this morning that I so identified with.  Melanie was talking about getting her Christmas boxes down and then completely shutting down over the next part–sitting and staring at it.  Yes, that is how I feel about this time of year. Everything is screaming “to-do!” “to-do!” And all I want to do is hide in a corner and whisper to myself, “Just do the next thing, Holly.”

So I skid to a halt at all the to-do’s…another mountain of laundry, if you will. There I begin to pray for discernment.

For in my heart, I long to make special memories with my family, to point them to the Savior, to savor the times together and to feel the warmth of loving relationships. I see it, just like a magazine-perfect picture, but it really isn’t going to happen the way I picture it. For we live on THIS SIDE of Heaven.  And on THIS SIDE, we need to stop and listen in to the sounds of Heaven.  Our spiritual GPS is the Holy Spirit, who shows us the way to go, even the HOW of it.  We need only get still and listen in.

Just today I was telling my Chris, if only we could all live with spiritual eyes to see, we might understand more of the BIG picture. For instance, Mary and Joseph didn’t see the WHOLE of their story. There was no running ticker of Twitter to hashtag the whole thing.  Even the picture we see in scriptures is only a part of it.  In a mirror dimly, we see the stories and how they blend into the Savior’s birth story. In a mirror dimly…

Yet, even then, Joseph had dreams to warn him of the threats to his family.  And he listened in.  He heeded! It saved his life and that of his wife and son.

Mary, too, treasured it all up in her heart; she watched and listened and held close each part of the glorious story of her son, her son, who would save the whole world.

But we read these stories and assume they grasped it all-that they understood. They didn’t.

But one thing they DID do, they listened.  God led them–each one!  And the murderous threats were only that, they were threats that were thwarted.  GOD stands guard for those He calls His own.

He is still standing guard for us. He is still whispering, leading, showing, and protecting.  There is still a bigger picture going on.

We are trying to make perfect happen here on earth.  And it won’t happen, as long as the prince of the earth, Satan, is unbound. One day, he will be bound.  One day, it will be perfect.

Until that day, we are to listen and to heed–Let go of our pictures of perfect Christmases and let God infuse His plans and purposes over the whole messy place. Let Him lead this Christmas.  Let Him rule and reign, as only He can.

With a heart of love for each of you!


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  1. Oh, dear Holly that was an absolute blessing from beginning to end. How He spoke to my heart through your words. He has His blessing ALL over this post. May He meet you all day each day and you hear His voice and walk the way he says…to the right or to the left. Thank you for sharing your heart.


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