Haste the Day

Lately I have had a line from a song running through my mind.  And truly, it has been my prayer for all of us.

“And Lord haste the day, when my faith shall be sight.”

This song began just a week ago when I was musing about how very swiftly this year has passed.  It is unreal…and has seemed unreal that it is already Christmas again!

This year has especially been hard for me to get in the spirit of Christmas. For what do you do in trying circumstances?

Do you smile and pretend it is nothing?

Do you begin to get still and let God heal you–mending your torn heart again?

Do you fight it?

For me, the first is impossible, the second, necessary and the third is really a choice of the will.

But how can your will get back up again after darts and life circumstances have weighed it down?

This week I have seen hatred  and injustice at work towards a friend. And it has made me so angry at the enemy. I had to make a hard call. This week we got hard news about one of our children. She is struggling to read. And we will have to make great sacrifices to get her the visual therapy she needs. We hope it will change everything for her. We may even start homeschooling. This week I wrote a final letter–an end to a long-standing situation. It was written with an open door, but I know deep down that it is unlikely these will ever walk through it. Sometimes mad won’t let up. Sometimes healing and restoration doesn’t come this side of Heaven.

Perhaps some of the more somber hymns are needed for those like me, who are so tired of the evil in this world that you can only pray for the Lord to haste the day!

Even with the hopeful refrain of it is well, it is well with my soul. He didn’t say it was well with his mind, body or spirit, but his SOUL.  And that is the only preparation needed for that day when the clouds are rolled back as a scroll. Everything else will be transformed and changed, as He is!

So this year, as I kneel at the manger of the baby King, I look with somber eyes. For his life on earth will be such a trial and end in a horrific death that will ultimately be a triumph! But that is not how it looked at the time.

People may have judged that he got his just due…for God must have been punishing him for a life lived as a sinner.  They had no idea that he was the spotless Lamb of God.

And as they may judge me and you today, we fling off the garment of injustice and wrath and wrap ourselves in the swaddling of the Savior, singing, “And Lord haste the day…”

The King is not only coming, He is returning to make all things right and new. He is coming this time for good.  Oh now THAT brings my heart joy!

Praise His Name!

The Savior has come to save us all!

Kneel with me, won’t you? Let’s let Him win in us today.


Here is a picture from my family this year. We are hosting two missionaries-from the Philippines and Germany, who serve as mentors in our local schools. What a blessing they are!


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