Writing Over Here Today About How God Hears Us

I felt like this was a post I would have written for either A Martha Heart or Crown Laid Down, but I wanted to make sure YOU read it, too.  It is just that vital for our moments and days.  Please come along with me here, as I tell about Worn Out.

Here is how I begin it…

God “gets” my sense of humor.  He talks my language, if you will.

He gets yours and speaks yours, too!  He is, after all, the Author of all languages.

So the other day, when I was driving–it happened to be this particularly bad day–I stopped in the middle of the road.  And what did I see?  A giant tumbleweed had stopped in the middle of the road.  It wasn’t blowing across the road, as usual.  It was stopped.

So my interpretation? God wanted me to make sure I saw a sign of His love on that particularly bad day. He knows how I think and how I associate. For many years, I have associated tumbleweeds and  geese honking as a sign of His love and care.  He also knows WHY I associate that…once in Texas I heard a fellow share about how he heard the geese fly over and saw tumbleweeds bouncing across the road.  Now I did not say this aloud, but I thought, OH, I would love to experience that, too!! Maybe someday…

A couple of years after that, we moved to Colorado and have faced plenty of difficult days, but I see and hear geese AND I see tumbleweeds all the time.  You should hear me exclaim–OH, I LOVE IT!!  It is for me a God-Wink.  And I am reminded of HOW MUCH He loves me and how He HEARS me, even the cries of my heart–even the little thoughts that aren’t really weighty, but He hears and He responds to them.

Oh the kindness of my God astounds me sometimes.  He knows.

Read the rest of the story here. You won’t want to miss it. For it has great implications in ALL of our lives.

I will be back next week to share something fresh here, too.  Just wanted to make sure you got this love letter from God today–how He bends low to show us just that.

Love to you all!

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  1. I completely understand that! Once, in one of my really bad days, I looked down and saw a penny. I could relate to this tiny piece of copper. Alone and forgotten. But in that moment, the Lord spoke sweetly to my heart and said, “I have not forgotten you.” Now, whenever I find a penny on the ground, it is a fresh reminder of God’s love for me.

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