Falling At His Feet

Falling at His FeetIt is interesting how God weaves our moments.  If we could somehow grasp how integral He truly is in our everyday happenings, we would not be able to take it in.  For He is working to meet with us, to shape us, to dust us off and to show us the way to take. But are we really listening?  Do we notice His activity in the mundane, as well as the obvious ways? Do we trust Him?

When we begin to practice trusting God, sometimes we lay ourselves really “out there” with no net to catch us.  And sometimes, yes, we do make decisions that we thought we heard correctly, but we missed it.  And that is OKAY.  You read that, but you don’t really believe it. Most of us want to get it right every time and not make mistakes and fall.  May I interject here? The greatest events in my life have spring from GIANT mistakes on my part.  From those mistakes I learned to be humble and about grace.

I learned that it is OKAY TO FALL and to FAIL.  It is especially OKAY when it becomes the means to a new road, one we might never have ventured upon before.

And that is the story of my life.

For the past several months, I have been busy. Distracted.  Doing good things, great things even.  And failing. Failing miserably.  In the midst of that, I got restless.  While helping our family by working up to 53 hours a week and coming out on the other side of our financial journey, I lost a sense of purpose and truly felt pummeled by the different voices speaking at me every day. I began to struggle hearing God’s still small voice.

On Sunday, the LORD began a conversation that I knew I needed to heed.  I came to His feet and began to hear specific steps I needed to take to get back to where God wants me.

A MAJOR part of that is a yearlong sabbatical from social media. It began today.  The LORD showed me how to set it up and how to tell about it, even how to streamline friends and family to communicate with me during this time.  And some may have missed it, but I pray that God will show me how to keep in contact over this year.  I pointed them to my email address and to my old blog, Crown Laid Down, which I dusted off and began journalling there about the journey on which God is taking me–I welcome you to join me there, too. I gave out my cell phone to my sisters at The M.O.M. Inititative, a group of women, who greatly love the LORD and want to spur us on to mentor others and to be mentored–oh HOW I LOVE their mission! So I participate with them in it. I talked with my dear sister, Trish, about A Martha Heart and where God is leading us.  We still feel like we should continue here and are praying to seek God’s leading at every turn.  I really LOVE the purpose of A Martha Heart–get to Jesus’ feet and He will show you how to do all the whats of life.  That is so needed in our day!  I shared with my friend and boss, for whom I have the greatest respect and love, Sheila Wray Gregoire.  She has watched me spin over the past several months and has prayed me through to today.  I know it is the sown seed of prayer she planted that brought me to HEAR the LORD and to HEED Him.

Another portion of the “discussion” with God was something He often does for me.  It is like a slideshow–snapshot upon snapshot of my life, where He began to show me myself at various times. Maybe that sounds odd to you.  I don’t even know how to explain it.  Though I have shared this process with you before when I went to see The Passion of the Christ.  The scenes I saw were these–painting in my back hallway with the windows open in our home built in 1854.  I could hear the sounds of children playing and the wonderful church bells playing hymns at noon time. I saw myself scrapbooking and reading.  I saw times when I enjoyed my friends and sought them out. (As an aside, you need to know I have HATED talking on the phone for years now…not really knowing why, but I believe it is because I have been inundated with news from Facebook and twitter.  I have lost the joy of “finding out” from the person in real life. Rather I read about it on Facebook and maybe even rejoice, but it is quickly lost.  I miss the revealing of happy and sad news face-to-face or even on the phone.  Maybe I will love the phone again…maybe.) I saw times with my children, unhindered by a smart phone, where I listened intently to them and showed them caring by making space for their stories.  I saw time with my Chris, where we just sat and talked for hours about life and dreamed.  I also saw myself journalling.  Remember I have a whole trunk of journals and Bible Studies?  I used to be more of a seeker.  Now?  Well now I am just plain tired.

I was trying to do a thousand things for the glory of God and failing at most of them.  In a shallow sense, I was like glaze instead of thick frosting.  And I want that back!  The frosting is my favorite part, afterall!  So I followed God on Sunday and began to seek His way for this.  I hope to be here more often, too.  Making room is amazing in that a lot of the things we WANT to do, we actually DO!

Come sit at Jesus’ feet with me, friend.  Come find a better way.

Love to you all!

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