Pleading for the Storm

PleadingI am typically not a fan of storms, so you can imagine my surprise when I was excited to hear thunder a few weeks ago. It’s been hot and dry in my little corner of Texas. Our yard is barren for the most part. The little grass that is left is brown and crunches when you walk on it. Dust fills the air with almost any type of movement. We need the rain, and on that particular day, I was willing to endure the storm to have it.

Honest to goodness, as I sat there I couldn’t help think how, here lately, that has been the state of my spiritual life more often than not. My insides feel dry and crunchy. I feel like every movement just stirs up more dirt the enemy uses to pollute and obscure the air around me. Don’t get me wrong there have been pop-up showers that have wetted the ground, but the deep down nourishing rain had escaped me. The landscape of my emotions, of my heart, felt barren.

Have you been there? Desperate for the drought you feel like you’re in to be over? Desperate for the rain of His presence to come at you like a torrent? Willing to endure the storm, maybe even pleading for it, so you can be drenched in the Living Water?

Be encouraged. The storm will come. Mine did, but that is another post. I will tell you, in the midst of the storm, when God’s presence rained down, this barren land yielded fruit only Christ could have planted & harvested.

Keep looking to The Lord. Keep pleading for the rain. Time after time, while it appears nothing is coming, you keep looking. Our God is faithful to those who seek Him.

When you see that cloud forming (1 Kings 18:41-46), gird up your loins and be ready, for only those things we have secured to Christ will not wash away.

And we should praise Him for that.

Rhonda summer

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Rhonda grew up in rural Arkansas, the oldest of four girls. She now lives in Texas with her husband and their two MCs. After a decade of teaching in the public school system, Rhonda stepped away to focus her time on her family. She is passionate not only about the integrity of God's Holy Word, but about its life changing power and our daily choice to believe it. Her adventures with the MCs and HH can be followed at her blog, aptly entitled I CHOOSE (

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