Shift of Perspective

Shift of Perspective

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When I consider the investment that the LORD has over my life–over yours, too–it is beyond my understanding.  He gave everything He had–the dearest treasure of His heart!–so that I may walk with Him forever.  Not someday…you know, when we all get to Heaven?  But today.  THIS DAY.  This day God chooses to walk with and talk with me.

It is His Passion for His Child.

So when He sees me, He does not see ALL that I owe to Him–and that would be much.  No.  He sees His treasure.  I became His treasure. And so did you.  All because of Jesus.

So my value, my worth, my calling, everything that I am and all that I am becoming is of utmost importance to Him.  For He calls me and you to holiness. And in holiness, we walk…even though it looks like a muddy mess from our perspective.

I once had someone I love speak to me thus, “Holy Holly” with all the hatred and ire he could muster.  He might as well have spit upon me.  For he was mocking me.

And that could have made me want to not be holy, to not be God’s, so that I might finally be accepted by this one, whom I love and have striven to feel his acceptance all of my life. But it did not. Instead, it made me very, very sad for him.

So how does one really become Holy? Surely there is a book the size of the Texas constitution that gives all the in’s and out’s of holiness, right? No, we make it too hard.

One becomes holy in this way only, by confessing our sins and asking Jesus to cleanse us–then daily clothing ourselves in Him.  Ooo, there I went and used that Christian-ese.  Let me make it super simple…

I come before the Lord Jesus in prayer–I like to go on my knees or even my face down–and I say, “Lord, I am a sinner.  I need a Savior.  You are the only Savior I want.”  Then every single day, we begin the day with honest and heartfelt prayer.  We read the Bible, His Word, and we do what it says.  If we do not know it all at the beginning, God is so gentle and kind to bring us further along.  His Holy Spirit lives in us, when we accept Him as Savior.  His Holy Spirit convicts, counsels and teaches us.  THAT is the clothing.  Then we walk in that way.

That is holiness, as I understand it.  It is not a bad word.  It is good.

Because of holiness, I have learned much about forgiveness…my forgiveness and the forgiveness I should extend to others.  This lesson, I will share next week…it is transformational in my health, friendships and life.

I hope you will come along with me next week, friends!

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