May 3, 2012

Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

It’s day four (child two) of the stomach bug in our home, so I have escaped for a few moments to my quiet time spot.  I’m grumpy. That’s all there is to it.  How do I know I’m grumpy?  The happy birds outside are chirping, and I feel annoyed by them.

You must know this is not my normal thought process.

In fact I had to drive by the doctors’ office this morning to get paperwork for our oldest, who is starting track after spring break.  I felt edgy.  I probably was edgy. As I stopped at a light, I saw a man in a business suit cross the street, and I readily ignored him.  Then I saw him kick something out of the road (something metal and would probably pop a tire–later, I thought, how thoughtful) and walk to the on-ramp of the interstate.  I realized that he was hitch-hiking, as I waited at the light to go home (not by way of the interstate).  Then and there I realized I had some callouses on my heart.

What a way to begin the day…with a full-sized mirror to my heart.  It isn’t pretty right now.  For I am tired, weary and did I mention, grumpy? So I knew when we got home that I needed to go and be alone for awhile–to pray and to ask God, once again, for a new heart.  I so want a heart like His.  But it comes with a price.

It may mean inconvenience. It may mean sickness and germs and all the ills of projectile disgusting-ness. It may mean unfair.  And likely it means discord with others and weariness in this world.  A heart like His cost Christ everything.  So why should it surprise me at all that acquiring and living out the love of Jesus will burn me and be uncomfortable?

So on a day like today, I sit and watch the sky–it is that beautiful Colorado blue, no wonder the birds are singing.  I take a few minutes to regroup and face the battle again. This time I am beginning again with Jesus holding fast to my heart, cauterizing the callouses from it and making all things new, as He so wonderfully does.  And you know the laundry I spoke of earlier this week?  It is slowly being conquered. Little battles are being won.

As I say Happy Weekend to you all, I found last year’s notebook with some quotes that still stir in my heart today, so I wanted to share them and bless you.  Enjoy them. Soak and savor the Truth of words aptly spoken.  Let the scales fall from your eyes and see. There is nothing wasted in that.

“Before we can say Thy Kingdom come, we must say my kingdom go.” James Robison

“Allow the Presence of the kingdom to be prevailing:  Attitude creates atmosphere. Atmosphere creates the climate.  Climate creates a culture, which determines how things grow.”  James Robison

“We settle ourselves for the rind instead of the orange.” Thomas Merton

“All men’s miseries derive from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone.” Blaise Pascal

“Why should I fear anything that cannot rob me of God and why should I desire anything that cannot give me possession of Him?” Thomas Merton

““Take time, slow down, be still, be awake to the Divine Mystery that looks so common and so ordinary yet is wondrously present.” Edward Hayes

“Are you the kind of Christian, who believes in God?” Jared and Joe Delaney

“Thankful #356: Knowing what overwhelms me does not overwhelm God.” Holly Smith

“We’ve got to leave some things undone, so the greater thing can be done.” Jill Briscoe

“From Ezra 4…when there is nothing in common with us for building with people–we ask, can they assist me or offer me help in what God is building?” Priscilla Shirer (Still thinking about Ezra chapter four and Priscilla’s words)

“It’s all work (Bea) and there’s no life…and without a life, there’s nothing to feed back into the work.” The House of Eliot

My 2011 notebook is full of sermons, prayer requests, lists and more lists, and 500 of my one thousand gifts list from last year.  Sometimes, when you are grumpy, like I have been, you need to be reminded– God has been so very faithful.

I will end with a quote from Beth Moore from a taping of Wednesdays with Beth, which I enjoyed last February with some of the dearest and most beautiful women on earth to me.

“You can still have a pure heart, even after an impure life.” Beth Moore

Now someone needed to hear that today!  I know I did (do)!

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  1. Beth P says:

    Wow! So eloquently written, Holly! That last quote took my breath away; combined with the Passion message of “Clean me”! The last two Sundays we have listened online to Andy Stanley’s series “Christian” ( It all boils down to “Love One Another”. Sometimes that’s SO, SO hard, but with His help, we can do it, even in baby steps. Praying the sickness doesn’t befall the rest of you!

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