Turkey, table, family, blah blah blah

It is Thanksgiving week. We all know that. We all are under some sort of pressure right now. And if you aren’t…..you are one good woman.  I’m personally balancing a family, a home, and a job and have not done ONE SINGLE THING for Thanksgiving. And….I’m stressed.

Let me add to the stress by telling you that we are completely ditching the normal Thanksgiving scenario for something completely out of character for us.

We are packing up and heading to the beach for a few days. Just us. A mom, a dad, and 3 kids.  No grandparents. No cousins. No aunts and uncles. Nada. Just us.  My stress is having to get us packed and out the door. Your stress might be the house, the table, the food, all the crazy family members. 😉  Regardless, we are covered in some amount of stress right now.  Don’t let the details of the day and week keep you in a stressed out place. Keep the focus on the people in our lives as well as Jesus Christ Himself.

I’ve finally said, OUT LOUD, that it is Thanksgiving. It’s not bringing the President of the United States over for dinner.  I’m going to readjust my sails, sit back, enjoy the scenery, and simply thank God for these people in my life.

Make it simple. Make yourself say it out loud right this second…..

Come on!!! You can do it!!!!  I’m saying it with you…..

“I’m thankful Lord for these people you have so graciously given me.  I’m truly, truly thankful for them.  I’m NOT worrying about the blah blah blah this week. My heart is thankful for the people.”

Sometimes the blah blah blah needs to be tended to and should be tended to, but it’s not worth the stress. Throw it in the trash.

See? That wasn’t so bad! Hang onto it sisters!!! Claim it in Jesus Name!!!

I love y’all. And, I’m thankful for you.

Hugs and blessings,

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