Prayer Journal How-To

This prayer journal is pretty and easy to make. No crafty or artsy genes are necessary to pull this one off! You will need:

pretty 12×12 patterned cardstock and some embellishments


3-ring binder, loose-leaf paper, self-stick index tabs, and labels (for your journal sections)


a paper cutter, a hole punch, and page reinforcements (if desired)

First, decide which sections you want in your journal. My sections usually include Praise, Confess, Requests, Thanks, Listening, Memorize, Wisdom, Proverbs, Reading and Reminders. You can put as many or as few sections in your journal as you desire.

Print your section labels onto the index tab inserts that came with the tabs, or onto mailing labels you can cut to size to fit the index tab inserts. Put your section labels into the index tabs.

Next, carefully cut your patterned paper to fit in your 3-ring binder. I use 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 loose-leaf paper and the smaller 3-ring binders that paper fits into. Doing this, I can get 2 section divider papers out of each of my 12×12 patterned cardstock sheets.

Using some patterned paper and embellishments, make a title page for your journal (if desired).

Using the hole punch and a piece of your loose-leaf paper as a guide, carefully punch 3 holes into each of your section divider papers.

Apply the self-stick index tab (section labels) to the section divider papers, staggering them so they’re easy to read.

Once you have all of the section labels on their respective section divider papers, place your title page on top and put them into the 3-ring binder.

Place some loose-leaf paper behind each section divider, and you’re done!

You can take this journal with you everywhere. It’s very convenient. I like to pop a piece of loose-leaf paper out, hand it to a friend, and let them write down their prayer requests for the week. Then I place that paper in the Requests section. Every time I open my journal to write down requests, I see the page my friend wrote her requests on ~ it’s a wonderful reminder to pray for others often.

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