What Smurf Are You?

What a title for an article, right?  My goal is to take a simple question and draw out the deeper spiritual meaning behind it, and that is what I hope happens today when you read this article.

I love to ask questions. I always have. When my girlfriends and I would get together to have a ladies night out, it was my job to come up with questions for all of us to answer and discuss around the restaurant table. So today, you (the AMH community) will be my “girlfriends” and we will answer some questions together. Sadly, there won’t be any chips and salsa, but we will still have fun and maybe learn a thing or two about each other.

Today’s question was inspired by the recent movie, The Smurfs. I was having a conversation with a couple of friends and we were talking about the smurfs. During that conversation I joked that if I had to choose smurfs that described me I would choose Panicky and Vanity. We laughed at the time, but in all seriousness those two little smurfs do describe parts of my personality. Actually, more like parts of my sinful nature.

I chose Panicky Smurf because of my struggle with fear and worry. Fear has been a lifelong struggle/sin for me. God has helped me grow immensely in my struggle with fear,  but it still exists more than it should in my life. One reason I love writing for A Martha Heart is this website’s focus of sitting at Jesus’ feet daily. I have realized that if I am going to get rid of the sin of fear in my life, it will be because I have come to sit at Jesus’ feet.

I also chose Vanity Smurf to describe me. I may not walk around with a mirror in front of my face, but I do think about myself more than I ought to. The Bible tells us to think of others as better than ourselves. I am not able to do that when I am constantly thinking of what I need. If I had to pinpoint this sin, I would simply say I am prideful. Pride cannot have a place in my life if I want to grow closer to Jesus. Again, I need to take time to sit at Jesus’ feet and place my focus on Him, not myself. Jesus needs to be the one in my mirror.

Below I have listed names of some of the Smurfs. Look over the list and see if you recognize yourself in any of these Smurfs.

-Grouchy -Dreamy -Greedy -Vanity -Scaredy -Harmony -Lazy -Nosy  -Weepy -Pushover -Nobody -Gutsy -Panicky

I would love for you to leave a comment about what Smurf name(s) you would use to describe yourself. I chose to focus in on some of my struggles and sins, but you don’t have to. Just make it meaningful. If you can’t relate to any of the listed Smurfs, feel free to make up your own smurf name. Just make sure to list the smurf name and then tell the reason why you chose that particular smurf.

Blessings friends, and remember to spend sometime with Jesus this week. I encourage you to pray about this question and see what Jesus may reveal to you as you answer it.

“La, la la la la la, la la la la la”  (You know you want to sing the Smurf song now 🙂



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