Frozen Margarita Pie

This recipe came from a family friend and neighbor from my childhood, when Chris and I first married in summer 1991.  It has long wow-ed crowds and filled happy tummies.  I highly recommend this to compliment a Mexican meal. It is really very good!

1/2 c. plus 2 T. butter
5 oz (1 1/4 c.) salted pretzels crushed finely
1/2 c. sugar

Grease 9″ pie plate. Melt butter and stir in pretzels and sugar. Mix together and press to the bottom of pie plate, forming a rim around the sides.

1 can Eagle brand (sweetened condensed milk)
2/3 c. key lime juice
1 drop green food coloring
2 1/2 c. cool whip

Blend all together completely. Pour into crust. Freeze uncovered for 6 hours. Cover and freeze two more hours before serving.

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Chicken-Chile Tostadas

These not only smell fantastic while cooking them, they taste just as good.  They make an excellent choice for entertaining friends and family.

1 T. olive oil
1 c. pre-chopped onion
1 t. bottled minced garlic
½ t. ground cumin
½ t. ground chipotle chile pepper
¼ t. ground cinnamon
1 lb. ground chicken breast
½ c. bottled fat-free salsa
¼ c. water
½ t. salt
2 T. chopped fresh cilantro
1 t. lime juice
4 – 6″ corn tortillas
1 c. shredded iceberg lettuce
1 c. (4 oz.) pre-shredded reduced-fat Mexican cheese blend or cheddar cheese
¼ c. reduced-fat sour cream

Preheat oven to 400°. Heat oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Add onion and garlic; sauté 2 minutes or until onion begins to soften. Add cumin, chipotle, and cinnamon; cook 30 seconds, stirring constantly. Add chicken; cook 4 minutes or until chicken is done, stirring to
crumble. Add salsa, water, and salt; cook 3 minutes or until slightly thickened. Stir in cilantro and lime juice; remove from heat.

While chicken cooks, place tortillas directly on oven rack; bake at 400° for 5 minutes or until slightly crisp. Place 1 tortilla on each of 4 plates; top each tortilla with ¼ cup lettuce, ¾ cup chicken mixture, ¼ cup cheese, and 1 tablespoon sour cream. By Meghan from the Siesta Fiesta Cookbook.

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