Into the Yard

Dear 13 year old Kela,

Being holed up in your room for hours on end does not make for a fun time!
Take a look at all of the neighborhood kids that are in your yard playing with your siblings.

Why don’t you go join them in that game of 4-square?
I know full well how hot the Florida sun can be, but you can’t be comfortable ALL the time.
Little do you know that you will have six children in the future; vibrant and fun-loving children.
They will beg for you to come outside and play; draw on the sidewalk with chalk, jump rope, chase them around the house, push them on the swing. What do you do, sit inside and watch them as your life slips by. Go!

Cultivate that togetherness. It’ll only last a few moments.
Sincerely and Lovingly,Your 37 year old self
Thankfully there is still time for me to enjoy my children OUTSIDE. It’s time to get movin’!

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