Welcome!  Come on into the foyer.  It is a place where guests are always welcome and treated like family and friends/

Martha’s Foyer is the place where we meet God ~ here we are ushered into His presence.

This place is all about Him ~ we worship Him, praise Him, and give Him thanks.

Jesus is our focus, and we are drawn into His presence by His grace and for His glory.

And we are still before Him…

Opening up our Foyer Tour are Rhonda, Carol and Carolyn. They will usher you into His Presence with thankful hearts and with joy.

First meet Rhonda…

Rhonda Baker

Rhonda grew up in rural Arkansas, the oldest of four girls. She now lives in Texas with her husband and their two MCs. After a decade of teaching in the public school system, Rhonda stepped away to focus her time on her family. She is passionate not only about the integrity of God’s Holy Word, but about its life changing power and our daily choice to believe it. Her adventures with the MCs and HH can be followed at her blog, aptly entitled I CHOOSE.

You may read Rhonda’s article here.

And meet Carol…

Carol Ray Lackland

Carol lives in the mountains of North Carolina. She and her husband just celebrated thirty-nine years of marriage to the “absolute glory of a mighty, saving God.”  They have two grown children and three granddaughters. She has a passion for teaching God’s word to women.   She loves to cook and gather around a table with family and friends. She enjoys gardening and is a firm believer in the power nap.  You can drop by her blog at

You may read Carol’s article here.

And please meet Carolyn…

Carolyn Neher

It was while, as a teen watching a Billy Graham movie, that I came
under conviction of the need to ask Jesus to be my Savior.
Stan and I have been married 47 years and have three adult children,
and nine grandchildren. Our family was blessed to spend several years
in Papua New Guinea as support missionaries with Wycliffe Bible

I remember loving God’s Word even as a child, encouraged by the
reading of Hurlburt’s Story of the Bible, and I have grown
increasingly in love with it since then. Researching, studying,
leading Bible studies, and sharing Biblical truths in a ministry of
encouragement are my passions. As a grandma, I particularly want to
have this role in the life of my adult children and grandchildren.
Recently retired from many years as a Mother-Baby nurse, I love having
time to revel in His Word!

You may read Carolyn’s article here.

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