Martha’s Bedroom is where intimate issues are addressed. We’ll take a gentle look at some of the intimate issues between a husband and wife, as well as those intimate issues that single women can face.

Let me introduce you to two of our dear sojourners.

First let me introduce to you our Trish, co-founder of A Martha Heart

 Trish Anderson

Trish describes herself as a true mountain girl and lover of all winter sports, including curling. Even though she longs to be near her beloved mountains, Trish is happy to bloom wherever God plants her. A military wife (USAF, retired), mom of 3, veteran homeschooler, and Nana to two of the most beautiful grandchildren ever, Trish enjoys reading, photography and fiber arts (i.e. knitting and crochet). Trish’s heart is to mentor and minister to other women, emphasizing the importance of a relationship with Christ and finding significance through that relationship. She and her husband Roger currently live and bloom in Arkansas. You can reach Trish by emailing Trish (AT) a martha heart (DOT) com.

You can read Trish’s article here.

Alse, please meet our dear Kela, a true Daddy’s girl…

Kela Nellums

Kela has been her Daddy’s (Abba Father) girl for only a hand full of years. She still has a crush on her husband, Brian of 16 years. They are a homeschool family with 6 vibrant and fun-loving children. A Coffee Snob is how she describes herself when it comes to coffee. Her passion is pursuing excellence in all areas of her life. She enjoys singing, writing/blogging, cultivating friendships and learning new computer skills.

Kela can be found at her blogs Pursuing What Is Excellent and Nellums and Company Homeschool Blog.

You can read Kela’s article here.

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