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I don’t know about you, but I read a lot of blogs and bookmark tons of recipes! One day I clicked on my bookmark page looking for something specific and I could not find it. I was frustrated and aggravated and searched for several minutes before I found it. It was then that I came up with the idea to organize my Internet files like I would any other file drawer that I have!

Let me explain.

I use Google for my feed reader. I looked the other day and I have over 500 blogs in my reader (told you I read a lot). They are from all different kinds of topics like marriage, food, homeschooling, homemaking, inspiration, and coupons and freebies. When I saw that I decided to create sub folders to put each blog in. This way, I could go to one section quickly to read–depending on what I was in the mood to read about that day.

So here is how to organize a feed reader. This is based on using Google.

~Click to open your feed reader. At the bottom you will see “manage subscriptions”. Clicking that will open your organizer.

~On the far right, you will see a drop down arrow that says “add to folder”. Click on that and create your folders by deciding which blogs go in which folders. I used all of the above topics plus I added one that says “favorites”. In this folder I put all the blogs that I read and never want to miss a post. This helps me to be able to quickly get a read in without having to go through every single blog in my reader.

Now–how to organize your bookmarks.

~Click on your bookmark tab and go down to the “organize bookmark” tabs.

~Click on organize and then choose new folder. Label all the folders you want for each topic.

~Now click on the link you want to move and hit the control button and the letter “X” at the same time (this is the shortcut for the cut function)

~Open the folder you want to move it to. Now hit the control button and the letter “V” at the same time (this is the shortcut for the paste function)

By doing this, you can get your bookmarks and your blog reader more organized where you can quickly find what you are looking for!


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