Gardening~Have You Started Yet?

Last year, I wound up with 55 tomato plants thanks to all the heavy rainfall! What started out as a project learning about seeds quickly turned into a huge tomato garden!

This year, we are working on a much more versatile garden including all kind of different vegetables. I am hoping and praying that the animals leave my seedlings alone long enough for them to grow and produce! We shall see.

I thought I would share with you some gardening links that have really helped me since I am one of those newbie gardeners. I don’t really know a lot about it, but I have researched and read, which has really helped me to gain some insight on what I am doing 🙂

So where should one begin when gardening?

First of all, if you are brand new to gardening, you will want to know what vegetables and fruits grow best in your area. You can check out this link I found with seasonal vegetables by region.

Another good place to start is with a diagram or basic plan and layout of how you want your garden (so you don’t end up with 55 tomato plants!) :)

Have you started gardening yet? It’s not to late to plant something!

One thing that grows really easily is herbs. Plant a fresh herb garden and save yourself a TON of money at the grocery store.

My favorite herbs are:









Make you 3ft x 3ft box and get your herb garden growing! In as little as a month you can begin to see the results of a beautiful patch of fresh herbs, which ALWAYS makes your food taste SO much better!

In fact, I will be sharing a recipe later this week that I recently made using my fresh herbs! You are going to LOVE it!

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