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Lately, I have been savoring the richness of words and thankfulness as I read through Ann Voscamp’s new book One Thousand Gifts. Slowly I have been reading it–with intention.  I even made a journal for our Joanne, where she is writing her 1000 gifts–her sister Kristen used her amazing gift of photography to share Joanne’s journal here

How I love being intentional in thankfulness.  In her book, Ann says it preceeds the miracle.  Indeed, she is right. God calls us to thankfulness.  He calls our families to thankfulness, too. 

So in that vein, I thought I would share an idea our family has used for nearly 20 years: The Blessing Box. Let me share it with you.  Whether you are married or single, with children or without, the blessing box is a wonderful way to corporately count your blessings.  I believe the greatest miracle is the way your heart shifts toward the heart of God–the way He changes us.

When we were young marrieds and college students, Chris and I began to do a Blessing Box. I have no idea where it originated (and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t my original idea), but we have made it our own over the past 18 years. I cannot find the first one…but here is our second one.

We began with a shoe box. We wrapped it with wrapping paper or brown shipping paper, both the top and bottom separately, and cut a small rectangular hole in the top (remember the Valentine boxes we used to make in school?) to put slips of paper through. The first box we had was decorated by our nephews who were about 7 at the time (they both got married this year). We talked about ways that God had blessed us.
For example:
*7-15-95 Alternator and belt needed replacing on the car. The Lord provided $125 through our computer selling at a garage sale! Praise God!
*A wet raccoon on our front porch! We have enjoyed watching the raccoons every night!
*Skate Shoes! Noah
* Daddy can see three deer feeders from the garage roof.
* The duckling is a blessing. “The two ran away to find their mudder!” Kylie
* Boxes from Wal-mart were free (for our move)
* Promotion and Raise (50% in 4 years)
* Promise Keepers–friend Steven went along and it changed the course of his life! Praise God!
* Got a deer on the last day of the season
* Mrs. Tricia wasn’t hurt bad in her car wreck.
* That You have given me friends of all ages and race and vocation, who care for me and add many delights to my life! Holly
* We went to Mrs. Bonnie’s a few weeks ago! Noah
* That You have given us a child (Noah) and have made me a mother.
*I love God and Jesus. We have a game called Captain Bible and it’s about Jesus. Noah-4 years old
Then we added a new one, when that one got filled…
And another…
And another…
After writing all the blessings, I would cut them apart and hand them out to everyone (now our three oldest with us) and we begin to sing the chorus to “Count Your Blessings” until everyone is done.
When everyone has put their paper in, we sing this chorus I learned in Campus Crusade:
Give God a Hand
for all He’s Done
For giving us
His Only Son
Let’s all stand up
and give God a hand! (stand up and clap-clap-clap-clap)
That’s all. When we have one of those days that seem too much or overwhelming, all we need to do is pull out some pieces of paper from our Blessing Box and we are reminded that God has been faithful and is faithful and will be faithful. Some days we need reminding, don’t we?
“Give thanks to the Lord for He is good, His love endures forever!” 1 Chronicles 16:34
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  1. Mary Lou says:

    Wonderful idea. will pass this along to my son, who is a single Dad. He is turning his life around and putting God first for what I think is truly the first time. He’s had to learn the HARD way. I thank God for the way…I’ve been doing a mana jar for the past three years….put in “things” He gives me on blogs, devotions or even emails, or even thoughts that take me to the throne or bless me in some way. Take them out at the end of the year, so that I can start over. Love this idea of a blessing box, will truly teach a thankful heart…develop an attitude of gratitude. Thanks for sharing…getting so much out of Ann’s book. Blessings on your week end and your ministry. Praying for your doctor’s visit and wisdom to treat you.

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