When It’s Your Dear Friend…

Perhaps you are my friend on Facebook or Twitter.  Perhaps you are tired of my asking prayer for a friend. Maybe you have even hidden me now from your feed for you are tired of reading about it. And that’s ok.  ‘Wish it was that easy for my dear friend and her family to just push HIDE and make it all go away. Unfortunately, it’s not.

But when it is your dear friend, and there is nothing you can do but pray and ask others to pray, I hope you will be the kind of friend who becomes driven by prayer.  This month, as we spend the month praying through the names of God, little did we know that one of our own authors (who stepped down for family time at the beginning of the year) would need every single name and characteristic of God to cover her.  Our Joanne Heim is facing a crisis. And we are on our knees for her. (Photo at left links to all her articles on A Martha Heart, if you’d like to read them.)

I am on my knees for her. She is the kind of friend, who would do the same for me.  We have a two way relationship.  We have a dear friendship.  We are sisters in Christ.  We tarry in prayer for one another. 

This is the kind of friend who sends flowers, when she’s praying for me.

This is the kind of friend, who invites me over for lunch and then gives ME a gift basket.

This is the kind of friend, who shares deep truths she is learning from God’s Word.

This is the kind of friend, who tarries with me in conversation, never making me feel like I am TOO MUCH or NOT ENOUGH. She accepts me, as I am.

This is the kind of friend, who I never wonder if she is FOR me.

This is the kind of friend, who thinks I am special and lets me know in 100 ways.

This is the kind of friend, who loves to read as much as I do!  She also loves Jesus, her family, home and Bible study–and makes me want to be fully committed and growing better in all of that. I am just better for knowing Joanne.

This is the kind of friend, who prays with me.

This is the kind of friend, who rooms with me–even though I sometimes snore.

This is the kind of friend, who teaches me new things, like knitting.

This is the kind of friend, who will take time away from her very busy schedule homeschooling, being a student in seminary, wife, mother and a host of other things and spend it with me–without a hurry or care.  Just unrushed time, as friends.  I am thankful for that time right this second.

This is the kind of friend, who will spend the day with me at a French flea market.

This is the kind of friend, who shares her mother with me.  I have enjoyed both lunch and a conference with her mom–and felt adopted and loved and welcomed.

This is the kind of friend, who will take her mother’s knitted project that didn’t quite turn out, take it apart and restitch it–giving it as a gift to her mom this past Christmas.  I told her, she is just like Jesus–making all things new.  How beautiful.

I don’t know about you, but THIS is a rare kind of friend.  And when she is fighting for her life, I will storm the gates of  Heaven and constantly remind all to pray for her.  I will be a nuisance for the sake of this friend.  I just will.

Will you please pray for my dear friend, Joanne Heim?  She needs our prayers.  Please go to her blog here: The Simple Wife or follow her husband Toben on Twitter for news and updates.

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About Holly

Holly loves her job as wife to Chris and mom to Noah, Kylie, Tabor and Sydney. God has gifted Holly with a love of all things creative ~ from painting and wall papering to scrapbooking and design work. In addition to co-founding and managing A Martha Heart, she designs web pages (www.crownlaiddowndesigns.com) and marketing pieces. She also authored a devotional blog, now closed, called Crown Laid Down. Holly and her family make their home within site of year 'round snow-capped mountains in Colorado. She can be reached by emailing Holly (AT) a martha heart (DOT) com or connect with her on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HollyGorinSmith


  1. This is a beautiful tribute to Joanne. I haven’t met her, but always figured I would. (you know, right after I meet you, Holly!). I have been ministered to by her writing, and her transparency. I am joining in prayer with everyone…

  2. Love you.. love your heart. You know I am praying over her and you.. constant.

  3. Precious. How blessed you both are to have each other. You are a wonderful friend to her and I thank you for all the updates. I have been praying ever since I heard the news.

  4. Holly that was just beautiful. I know how special a friendship like that is. I didn’t know who Joanne was before her stroke but have been praying for her ever since. You are a sweet friend and I’ll be keeping you in my prayers too. Remember Holly none of this is a surprise to God.

  5. Holly- you are one of the kindest people in the world, and
    I’m up at 2:29am thinking of Joanne.
    She never leaves my thoughts and I am in constant
    prayer for her. It’s funny, she is so the kind of
    person that reaches out to talk to you
    out of the blue. And I love that about her.
    We had brief convo through FB about
    her going to Paris on her 30th bday. And then
    when I was amazed by SSMT verses on twitter
    she commented to me that she agreed it was so
    awesome…and “Radical” I KNOW my stubborn
    lazy self will be reading it now. And I want to
    read it along with her and the rest of the siestas.
    My Spirit tells me she is going to wake, and I am trusting
    and believing! I almost bawled when Mark 11:24
    came to my email an hour ago.
    Our God is in the business of miracles….
    I’m excited to hear what He does next!
    Love you Sweet Holly;)

  6. Holly, thank you so much for sharing this. My daughter is around her age and has two girls so this has gripped my heart from the first hearing. Now your description of your friendship is such a beautiful portrait of the woman she is.

  7. Holly – such a sweet tribute from such a wonderful friend. My heart aches for Joanne and her family, and yes, we are praying for her and her family. Our God can do a miraculous healing! Yes He can.

    Much love,

  8. Holly,
    This is beautiful. And I am on my knees with you. I’ve never met Joanne in person but have exchanged a few emails with her and of course, I follow her blog. God has His reasons for allowing this, I know. But I’m with you, storming the gates of heaven in prayer. Bless you Holly and thank you for the updates.

  9. Holly, I, for one, don’t mind the prayer requests. I know that Joanne is heavy on your heart. Its more than wonderful when someone like you takes every energy to bring a friend to the throne of God!

    I, and many many many others are praying with you for Joanne.

    Love you much!

  10. Praying with you! Friends are precious, treasured gifts and we are honored to accompany you both to the throne of God in prayer. Grace and peace to you both from God our Father.

  11. absolutely beautiful Holly. Praying with you friend. I love you both!

  12. Praying for your sweet friend! I have a feeling God just has His arms wrapped snugly around her as we continue to lift her, her family, her medical team and others to Him.

    (BTW, I wouldn’t hide you because you were asking for prayer for a friend. One day that friend might be me!)

  13. Jen Barrow says:

    Thank you for sharing these words. I haven’t even had the privilege of meeting Joanne in real life, but I feel the same way about her. She has been a real gift to my life in the last couple years. My prayers are constant…

  14. Amen and amen. You have described Joanne to a t, my sweet friend. She is indeed a rare gift, a dear and considerate friend who projects Jesus in everything she does. Thank you for sharing your heart and burden ~ my heart echoes yours. We will continue to pray together for Joanne and her family!

  15. I’m praying, sweet firiend…I’m praying. I didn’t even know Joanne until I received the prayer request for her, but have gotten to know her through her blog and video. What a precious woman of God! Believing in miracles for her…


  16. My heart has been gripped with prayer ever since I heard. I will not get tired of reading updates or prayer requests for her. She sounds like a true gift from God. She is also the age of my daughter, who faithfully gets on her treadmill every day….so this mother’s heart and this sister in Christ’s heart is doubly gripped to pray for Joanne. God is doing a mighty thing with all of this. Just as He told several of us that she needed to sleep to heal and that sleep was good for her….to the out pouring of love from the body of Christ all over the country. God is moving in a mighty way thru this….Keep on posting…you are a gift from God yourself.

  17. Funny how someone you have never met….and probably won’t meet until I get to heaven…funny how that person can fill so much time in your thoughts and prayers.
    Joanne and her family have been on my heart and in my prayers since I first heard about her blood clot. May this situation bring great glory to our Father. Even now I know He is pleased as He sees hundreds perhaps thousands of sisters ,who never knew each other, joining their hearts together in prayer for one of the ones He loves so dearly. “Father…let them be one as we are one.”
    From what you say about Joanne….I think she would be pleased to know that God was using her in such a mighty way.

  18. Not knowing Joanne very well, I appreciate reading about your relationship with her. I am so burdened for her and her family right now. I have devoted myself to prayer and remain watchful and thankful. (Col 4:2)

  19. I just came across Joanne’s blog yesterday and now yours. What a beautiful friendship you have. Everyone could use a friend like that! I am praying for Joanne and am following updates.

  20. Beautiful sharing of your heart for your precious friend. I’m continuing to stand in faith filled PRAYER for Joanne and her family. Believing GOD FOR MIRACLE HEALING and complete RESTORATION for her. Praying for her family and praying for you too and the comfort and peace of GOD as you continue to stand in the gap powerfully for your precious friend.

    Standing with you and many others for her life and care in Jesus Name!

  21. That was truly beautiful. What always amazes me is how much strength God gives people when they go through something like this. I always think, “I couldn’t take that! I really couldn’t!”, but then when something happens, He carries you.

    And so I will pray that He will carry Toben and the kids, and that He will minister to Joanne, and that He will restore her, and that at the end of this long road, everyone will be able to say, “God was there.”

  22. Suzanne Mitchell says:

    Don’t quit sharing – I didn’t know so I couldn’t pray for your friend. New to your blog, loving it and loving your heart for those that you love.

  23. Bless you, Holly. This is beautiful. Joanne has been that kind of a friend to me too–just from a couple thousand miles away! I’m joining you in being a “nuisance” for our dear friend. And I’m praying for you, because I know all this keeping up and updating can get exhausting. Love you much!

  24. Holly – One of my favorite things about you is your tender heart. I have such a fond and special memory in my heart of you and Joanne and me and Deborah praying together at the Siesta Fiesta in San Antonio back in August 2008. Our spirits bonded together and I’ve never forgotten that moment. You are a good friend and Joanne loves you so much. Thank you for this beautiful tribute to your friend Joanne. She is blessed to have you.

    Much love,

  25. LOVE you Holly!!! Anyone that is getting their panties in a wad over prayer for someone who is in a tough situation really needs Jesus. I don’t know Joanne like a lot of you do, but dang it she is a world changer for Christ and needs our prayers. Reading something like this, seeing her videos, reading her blog, etc makes me wish I had known her like you all did. Everyone needs someone or several someones (for us more needy types) like her in their life. Her pouring out onto you and others helps you all to pour out onto others like little old me. I am so thankful for Joanne’s influence on a lot of you ladies because it has ministered to me.

    I’m praying. And you keep sending those updates/prayers.


  26. Proverbs 18:24 – There is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. And you are that kind of friend. I know! You’ve walked with me through mountain and valleys and called on our Good God to show up. He is right there in that room with Joanne just like Matthew 9:2 where the paralytic could do nothing for his own healing. But his friends did! They picked him up on a cot and carried him to Jesus. You have picked Joanne’s story and our hearts right up and carried them unceasingly this week and it won’t stop til Genesis 32:24 God shows up and blesses Joanne. He already has, He is right now, and He will! Thank you for being that friend that sticks oh so close to me and those He brings your way. My Love and Prayers for you, Bev

  27. Holly,
    I absolutely love your tribute to Joanne. She is such a wonderful person and I feel blessed to have met her in person. When I met her the smile on her face lit up the room, her kindness was palable, and her thoughtfulness (she made me a gift) is so like Jesus and makes me want to be a better person.
    My husband and I are praying for her constantly. Even my sweet boys ask about and pray for Ms. Joanne all the time!
    We are believing that God will choose to heal Joanne here on Earth and that her testimony will inspire many!!
    Much love

  28. What a beautiful heart you have Holly and what a beautiful post about your dear friend. Praying for her, praying for her family, and for her friends and you. Thank you for sharing, thank you for posting updates and ways that we can pray for her!! Lifting her up……

  29. Holly, this brings tears to my eyes. I remember well our time at the Siesta Fiesta praying together with Joanne and Jan. That was a holy moment in that huge arena for me. That’s what being a Siesta is all about…at least it is to me. I’m out of touch when it comes to twitter, etc, BUT GOD…He has been faithful to keep Joanne right in my constant thoughts.
    You know Joanne has such a great future. She can’t lose. Think about that. We are the ones that would be hurting if God chose to call her home. I’m believing that God has many more plans for Joanne here on earth. And that we are called to pray for His will to be done. I “see” her passion and zeal for the Lord and for her family and friends. Right now, in my thoughts towards her, I “see” her pressed in to the Father. And I know in my heart that God will receive much Glory through this. I love you. I could use a daughter if you ever need a mom. You make this mother’s heart very proud to know you. Saying, “Jesus is my Master. God has set everything right between him and me.” That’s what faith is. Believing God for this miracle for Joanne and all of us who love her so.

  30. Holly,
    I am so glad that you are that kind of friend. One that realizes what a treasure you have in a friend like Joanne. Although I don’t know her personally, just reading about her makes me want to be a better friend to mine. I will continue to pray for Joanne and her family. I will pray for you, and thank you for the updates.

  31. Holly, I’ve been leaving my comments for.you on FB, but I just wanted to say once again that Joanne, her family, dear friends like you and the doctors are always on my mind. Many a prayer is being whispered for all. Love you!

  32. Yes..yes…yes…

  33. I am so sorry about Joanne, I read about her on Beth Moore’s site. When I went to her site I instantly became attached. She seems like such a vibrant, creative, beautiful person. Her love for God and her family is evident throughout her posts. My heart aches for this family and for you her friend. I’ve never met her, but I am praying everyday and checking on updates. My prayers are wiith Joanne, her family and everyone who loves her. God heals and with him nothing is impossible. You will have your friend back.
    God Bless

  34. Hi My name is Sally and I am from Australia. Im not sure how I made it onto Joanne’s site “The Simple Wife” but there I was. What I read affected me deeply and my heart went out to the whole family. We are all praying for healing and recovery and strength to endure and we will keep praying and I check back every day to see how things are. Your words are beautiful and how you describe your precious friend was so heartfelt. My thoughts and prayers are with you too Holly, bye for now.


  35. Praying for this dear sister in Christ. I love hearing the updates, of God answering prayers. We need to be reminded that God wants us to go to Him on behalf of others. Sometimes we get so caught up in our own struggles that we forget that our neighbors are hurting and need to be prayed for.

  36. Holly, I absolutely love your heart! I’ve been praying for our friend, too! I also have fond memories of the Siesta Fiesta and lunch together and buying her book that day in the hotel room. I’m thanking God foe the gift of your friendship with her. You are so right, everyone needs a friend like Joanne. I’m sorry I haven’t been to this blog. I love it!
    Much love to you.
    Your friend in Michigan,
    Angie xoxo


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