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Last week Holly wrote about our friend Joanne Heim (see “When It’s Your Dear Friend” here). Since then, it seems as though the world has turned over, upside down, and around again. I still can hardly grasp that beautiful, vivacious, caring, giving, compassionate, graceful, funny, smart and generous Joanne lies in a hospital bed in a coma. People all over the world are praying for Joanne, her husband Toben, their daughters Audrey and Emma, Joanne’s sister Kristen, her mom Kay and dad Chuck, and the team of doctors who are treating her.

We’ve been doing a series on prayer this month, participating in the 31 Days of Online Ministry series with several other sites/blogs. We’ve explored some of God’s many names and characteristics as well. I love this series, and I especially love these topics. But I find my mind and my heart keep going back to Joanne and her family.

Holly and I both feel that praying for Joanne is extremely important ~ essential, really. That’s why, for the next few days, things are going to be quiet here on A Martha Heart. We want to dedicate our time to praying specifically for Joanne.

Please join with us in prayer for our friend and sister in Christ. If you have ever come into contact with Joanne, you know how incredibly special she is, and how much she loves the Lord. If you haven’t met her or read her blog, you’ll find everything you need to know at The Simple Wife.

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  1. I have been so blessed all week for Joanne and her family. He has blessed me by what I have read that other people have written in prayer for her and her family. He has said so much to me and I can’t even express my heart from the outpouring of His love, for this family, most of us don’t even know these people personally, yet we are all united in the family of God by His love which is pouring out for this family in their deep hour of need. TANW….there are no words.

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